TrueOrDie Yixing Teapots and Antique Chinese Ceramics

-- George Wang, Ph.D.,

Yixing Teapot is Utensil, Art, and Toy or Pet

Drinking tea with a Yixing (Zisha or Purple sand) teapot is fun and joy.  You can rub it, enjoy the tea and the beauty of the teapot (and it massages back your hand and mind).  The teapot will get prettier as it ages and appreciate in value.  But it must be of real Yixing in order to have this "Zisha Appeal".

Yixing Zisha Clay Teapot: Fake vs Authentic (2 min read, >95% claimed Yixing teapots on the internet are FAKE -- Chemical or None-Zisha)

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Authentic Yixing:  real Yixing clay + real craftsmanship (Fully Hand-Made, or Half-Hand-Made)

Fake Yixing (Wrong clays and wrong making methods )